Blendtec VS Vitamix | Vitamix Infringement Case Summary

Vitamix Infringement Case Summary


In February 2006, Blendtec sued Vitamix Corporation in federal court for infringing its patents on Blendtec’s “Wild Side” blending jar design.

Vitamix had directly copied Blendtec’s container design and passed it off as its own innovation, calling it the MP or XP container. Through several years of litigation, Vitamix tried to justify its conduct by claiming K-TEC’s patents were not valid.

The United States District Court for the District of Utah rejected Vitamix’s excuses and concluded Vitamix had infringed Blendtec’s patents. In June 2010, after a 10-day trial, a jury concluded that Vitamix’s infringement of Blendtec’s patents were “willful” and awarded Blendtec approximately $11 million in damages. On January 26, 2011, the Court found Vitamix’s infringements of Blendtec’s patented design to be so egregious that it enhanced the damages award by an additional $11 million.

Including interest over the 4 1/2 years of Vitamix’s deliberate infringements, the total damages awarded to Blendtec are approximately $24 million.

The Court also issued a permanent injunction that prevents Vitamix from engaging in any further infringement, that immediately stops all sales of the infringing MP and XP containers, and that requires Vitamix to notify all of its distributors and manufactures about the injunction.

Blendtec VS Vitamix